Autodesk University 2012 – Day Two

The Exhibition Hall opened this morning at 11:30am and we picked-up where we’d left off the evening before.  Lively discussions followed hands-on demos and more Revit users saw light at the end of their tunnel.  With Content Studio installed Revit users are very quickly realising that their world of ‘content’ pain will end.


Initially lots of the folks we speak to think that they won’t have time to populate our library with their content and that holds them back.  So to prove otherwise I add all of the Revit families on my C: drive to Content Studio.  Amazingly it takes less than 5 minutes to import more than 32,000 families!

So with the families safely indexed inside Content Studio any connected user can search for and locate families for their project.  And if the family they need is not yet ‘approved for use’ they can nudge their BIM Manager or Content Studio Co-ordinator to ask for a quick review.  This ‘just in time’ review workflow eliminates the need to approve 32,000 families before the team can start using Content Studio.

Our Multi-library system is also being very well received which puts a huge smile on my face too.

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