'Scan for other versions' feature added

Now this really is a nice little tool our developers have added into Content Studio.

We now have the ability to scan any files in the work in progress area to see if other versions exist in the main library. Why would you want to do that I hear you ask?

Well I'll tell you... If for instance you have the entire Revit Architecture 2011 library fully keyword indexed and you have gone to great lengths to get all the keywords, descriptions and any custom meta data accurate, you wouldn't want to start all over again when adding the 2012 library.

If you add some 2012 files, ideally you want to match the properties from the 2011 files published in the main library. This is just one example but effectively it saves you time keywording multiple versions of the same files, but it allows you to do it in an intuitive and selective way.

How to use:

Select the listings in the work in progress area which you would like to scan (compare) against the files in the main library.

Right click and choose 'Scan for other versions'.

You will be prompted if Content Studio finds any files in the library with the same Name and Category but a different version (eg. Revit 2011). Click Yes to match the properties.

VoilĂ ! The properties for these listings now match the ones in the main library!

So how much time can this save? We recently keyword indexed the Revit Architecture 2012 Metric Library and needed to add the 2011 version of files.  We used this tool and matched properties for 1883 files in approximately 2 minutes!

Download Content Studio here.

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