Content Studio in the Big Smoke at LRUG

Last night we presented at the infamous London Revit User Group, our biggest and our toughest crowd yet. Approximately 80 attendees descended on Buro Happold's exhibition space.

As usual their has to be some kind of technical glitch, this time with the hardware i.e. the WiFi wasn't playing ball... so an iPhone, USB cable and a quick bit of 3G thinking got us back online just before the presentation was due to start.

The presentation went really well with no glitches in the live demo but we were nervous about the Q&A session from these killer Revit users. Expecting a real grilling, we nervously opened the Q&A session to the floor. We were relieved to find the questions all positive (again!) with most questions relating to how they could see the application fitting into their company systems. We also received some great feedback on suggestions for new features and uses for the application (so thanks to everyone for that!).

Now if you present at the LRUG there is a rule that you must buy Pizza and Beer for all the attendees.  30