Content Studio Launch Night @ RUGLeeds

Last night we launched Content Studio at the Revit User Group Leeds (RUGLeeds) event held at Mott MacDonald's offices to around 50 attendees.

The event started with a great presentation from Neil Munro of Opus International who was visiting from New Zealand speaking about implementing company BIM Standards. Shortly after a quick break, we were ready to present the new software.

We opened with the theory part, the current problem designers are facing: Searching for and using content in Revit projects efficiently. Another issue talked over was the 'sharing of content' and various problems such as users 'hoarding' their own private libraries within a company. We also discussed quality control issues, and the problems CAD/BIM managers have in moderating content (including the lack of time to do so). Looking out across the room it was clear from all the nods that most people had experienced these problems in one way or another.

Next, the software was demoed 'live' on screen (thankfully with no glitches!). We illustrated the rapid cataloguing, simple sharing features, Revit integration and a summary of the key features.  It was important that the audience understood the unique collaborative moderation workflow designed into the application which eases the burden on the BIM managers, this area was focused on heavily.

Finally we invited questions from the audience: This was the first time an audience of this size had seen the product demonstrated, it was a group of die-hard Revit users (so there was no escaping any tough questions!).

After a short pause of silence, a few questions were asked (which were mainly praise) on how they have all been struggling with the management of families (and even AutoCAD blocks), since CAD/BIM began and generally they seemed excited about the launch of a product which solved this issue!

So now its time to get the trial version released to the group and hopefully we will get even more feedback in the months following.

The Multi-user trial can be downloaded here.

Next stop... Edinburgh Revit User Group (ERUG) on Wednesday 20th July!

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